Angie Button is a Political Insider
Serving Big Donors

She receives massive money to undermine the people she represents.


Button Received At Least $1,250,000* from Dade Phelan and His Allies

Angie has supported Dade Phelan's strategy allowing minority party Democrats to control the Texas House.

Texas government does not function because politicians like Angie betray their voters.

*Funds received 2015-2022.  Financial information provided by

Angie Button Voted to Impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton

As she often does, Angie kept a low profile while undermining Republican priorities in favor of her big donors.

Those big donors include the coalition of Democrats and Bush Republicans that prevent school choice and block the Republican agenda that voters support.

Paxton Impeachment Vote
School Choice #1

unButtoned, the House can finally pass the agenda of Texas Voters.

The Texas House has not been controlled by the majority party since Speaker Joe Strauss created the Democrat/liberal Republican coalition in 2009.

Dade Phelan continued minority party control after Strauss retired.  Though Republicans have won all statewide elections since 1994, they cannot pass their agenda thru the Texas House.

Republicans who vote with Democrats undermine the will of voters.  Angie Button is a problem.

It is time to unButton!