Texas Electricity Is Not Reliable

Federal Subsidies Have Made Texas Dependent Upon Unreliable Energy Sources

A Discussion with Jason Isaac during the 2021 Power Outages

A Power Failure Like 2021 Can Happen Again

Texas is growing rapidly.  It's electrical needs are growing even more rapidly.

A number of problems led to the near total collapse of Texas energy in 2021.  The largest of those reasons is federal government subsidies promoting renewable energy and discouraging the development of reliable oil and gas.

As much as 40% of Texas energy is wind or solar.  They produce energy only when the wind blows or the sun shines.


Renewable Energy Creates Higher Utility Bills

Wind turbines, which are most of Texas' renewable energy, are expensive to maintain.  Gearboxes last about 8 years and the entire turbine will only last 20 years.  Any West Texas wind farm will have many dead turbines that are too expensive to replace or repair.

Consumers feel this in higher utility costs.  Renewables were chosen over reliable energy because of federal subsidies.

The average cost of energy for a Texas family has increased $2800 in three years. If your tax dollars are instead invested in boosting reliable energy, your utility bills can go down.

Utility Bill

The Texas House Must Promote Border Security

Dade Phelan's Texas House has obstructed border security measures to appease the Democrats.  Texas must elect Republicans who will install House leadership that will get the job done.

Don Huffines of the Huffines Liberty Foundation has compiled a thorough report on detailing how Texas can protect itself from the federal government as well as illegal immigration.