Drug Cartels Control the Texas Border

The Biden Administration has promoted an invasion that endangers Texas security and prosperity.


The Biden Administration Is Remaking America Into Something Less

The corrupt leadership of the Democrat Party has lost too much of its traditional middle class support.  It must import millions of people with no understanding of America in order to continue to win elections.

The number of illegals imported in the last three years is now greater than all but a few states.

The Biden Administration is willing to import crime, disease, and poverty in order to save itself.

One of my missions is to save Democrats from corrupt Democrat leadership.

Governor Abbott's Actions are Only a Beginning

The Governor's recent actions to secure the border are welcome and necessary.  They are only the beginning.

The federal government will aggressively prevent any efforts to prevent the waves of immigrants.  Texas must battle the feds in court and in the field.

Illegal immigrants are trespassers in Texas.  They must be deported.


The Texas House Must Promote Border Security

Dade Phelan's Texas House has obstructed border security measures to appease the Democrats.  Texas must elect Republicans who will install House leadership that will get the job done.

Don Huffines of the Huffines Liberty Foundation has compiled a thorough report on detailing how Texas can protect itself from the federal government as well as illegal immigration.