Texas Schools Are Not Focused on Student Success

Politics and faculty interests are priorities rather than student preperation for career success.

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Implementing School Choice

Over 70% of Texans are emphatic that they want school choice.  Only Dade Phelan's House is blocking it.  School choice can shift educational control from the school lobby and the teacher's unions to parents, but it must also be completely free of oversight and regulations from the federal government.

The opposition is about money rather than students.  As we remove Phelan lieutenants like Angie Button, school choice will happen.

However, school choice with federal oversight in NOT school choice.  It must be locally controlled.  We must not be fooled by false labels.

Colleges Must Reevaluate Their Mission

College education's structure is a morass of incremental changes over many years.

Changes like sports revenue, the expansion of tenure, and increasing student debt have been absorbed by a system that really needed restructuring.

These changes and more have chipped away at the central mission of education.

Grants and funding flow to 'end of the world' causes like climate change, radicalizing college faculties.

Young people graduate with extreme world views, unprepared for career success.  American productivity is collapsing.


Education Should Serve Students Above All Else

Education's purpose is to prepare students for life as happy and productive people, whether at home or on the job.

I have a detailed plan to reform education.  It is developed with people who know the challenges.

I will be discussing this approach throughout the campaign, and I will be seeking the involvement of others who want to restore higher education.

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