Inflation and Taxation Are Jeopardizing
The Future of Texans

Texans are entitled to keep more of what they earn and save.

Higher Taxes

Texas Property Taxes Are Still Too High

After years of debate, Texans finally received property tax relief this year.  However, with Texas property taxes among the highest in the nation, it is not enough.

There are over 4300 taxing authorities in Texas, and most of them continue to push for higher tax rates.

Legislatures must create more limits on creeping local taxes, and they must find more ways to roll back existing rates.

Bond issues must be accurately portrayed as and unpaid debt upon taxpayers.  For example, Richardson & Garland taxpayers carry almost $3000 in city debt and over $11,000 in school district debt.

Local & State Government Must Be More Accountable

A number of changes can reduce taxpayers pressures.

  • Lower the rollback rate, which allows local governments to increase property taxes without voter approval.
  • Require voter approval on all tax increases above the rollback rate.
  • Cap appraisal increases.
  • Repeal the business personal property tax.

How Else Can We Lower Living Costs for Texans?

We must explore both legislative and market possibilities.

  • How can we bring more of the supply chain for essentials to Texas?
  • Can we incentivize Texas food production to lower distribution costs?
  • Can we create lease to own programs to help young buyers build assets?
  • How quickly can increased oil, gas, and nuclear production lower energy costs?
  • Your ideas?