Dade Phelan's Texas House is
Incompetent & Corrupted

The sham impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton exposed the problems.

Texas House in Impeachment Session

Republicans Tried to Impeach Their Own Attorney General

The Ken Paxton impeachment effort happened because Democrats control the Republican Speaker of the House.

Of the 150 representatives, 67 are Democrats.  They all vote for the Republican who agrees to their terms - Dade Phelan.  Phelan then needs only 9 Republicans to reach 76 (over 50%) and become Speaker.  The remaining Republicans must then accept Phelan or suffer wrath of the Speaker.

Texas Republicans are divided between the traditional donor structure (call them Karl Rove Republicans) and the resurgent middle class majority (call them America First).  By uniting with Democrats to elect Phelan, Rove Republicans retain a measure of power and influence.  This is the coalition that sought to impeach Paxton, an America First champion.  This coalition also stonewalls what Texans want - school choice, secure border, tax reform, and more.

Why is the Speaker of the House So Powerful?

The Speaker of the Texas House appoints all committee chairs.  He appoints half of the membership of each committee.  His control over House legislation is immense.

The majority party controls all committee chairmanships in other states, but not in Texas.  Dade appointed Democrats to critical committee chairmanships.  including 9 of the 34 House committees.

  • Business and Industry
  • Corrections
  • County Affairs
  • Criminal Jurisprudence
  • Transportation
  • Juvenile Justice & Family Issues
  • Natural Resources
  • Resolutions Calendars
  • Youth Health & Safety (Select)

These are important committees.  It is obvious why the Texas House gets nothing done.

Texas State Capital

How Do We Fix the Texas House?

The duly elected majority party, be it Democrat or Republican, must be to control the Texas House.  Otherwise, the wishes of voters who elected those representative, can never be served.

Republicans retain a firm grip on Texas politics because they better represent voters.  They must be allowed to lead.

Republican representatives must commit to support a Speaker who will only appoint Republican committee chairmen.  They must commit to electing a Speaker who is not controlled by the minority party.  Without this commitment, they should not be elected.  If elected, they should be censored and recalled by the state party.

These are harsh moves, but Texas can no longer flounder.  We must lead America back to health.