Electronic Voting Cannot Be
Audited or Verified

How can elections that cannot be validated be legitimate?

Waiting in line and voting.

The Pandemic Was Used to Loosen Limits on Fraudulent Voting

Pandemic restrictions were maintained long after the virus risks were understood.  Lawsuits were directed at state and local election officials demanding relaxed voting requirements.  With this done, so many mail in ballots were submitted that understaffed election officials were unable to validate them all.  The result was massive voter fraud.

Electronic Voting Machines Prevent Validation of Election Results

When election officials agree to a voting machine contract, they are prevented from auditing the machine results.  The stated reason is proprietary software.

Should software that merely counts like an adding machine be so secretive?  Why do elections that used to be finalized in 24-48 hours now take weeks?

It is because voting machines that cannot be audited are a hiding place for voter fraud.

A hand casting a vote in a ballot box for an election in the Texas, USA

Massive Digital Voting Must Be Eliminated to Assure Legitimate Elections

Fraud has always been a problem in American elections.  Before voting machines, we had paper ballots which created a trail that could be analyzed and validated.  Fraud was more difficult, and it could be contained.

Digital voting machines changed all this.  There is no longer a paper trail, and the machines cannot be audited.  With a few keystrokes or a change in an algorithm, thousands of votes can be moved or erased.  Voters will never know.

Digital machines must either be open to audit and evaluation or they must be eliminated.  There is no other option is we are to have legitimate elections.