• Secure the Border
    via lasting legislation
  • Clean Up Elections
    by removing electronic voting
  • Address Our High Cost of Living
    through incentives and lower taxes
  • Stabilize Texas Energy
    to prevent blackouts and shortages
All in on MAGA

Secure the Border

Texas is threatened as never before by the Biden administration's coalition with the drug cartels.  Texas must move quickly and decisively.  Read more.

Clean Up Elections

Our elections have become unreliable and easily manipulated.  There is a reason for this.  I have the plan to restore integrity.  Read more.

Fix the Texas House

The Texas House of Representatives is dysfunctional and corrupt.  I offer new leadership and a fresh start.  Read More

Reform Education

Schools are not preparing young people for success.  They are often counterproductive.  I have the plan to save it.  Read more.

Address Cost of Living

The prosperity of Texans is under assault from taxation, regulation, inflation, and more.  Texas must protect the safety and security of its citizens.  Read more.

It's Time to unButton

Angie Button is talented and likable.  She is also a political insider awash in big donor money.  It is time for someone who truly represents Texans.  Read more.